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If you or a family member has suffered a stroke, read this book and...

"You'll Go From Feeling Helpless and
Hopeless to Inspired and Empowered!"

Walk through every step of James Lee Bradley's remarkable story, as he recovers from a catastrophic stroke to regain a full and functional life again.

Whether you have a loved one or a friend who has suffered from a stroke, the story of James Lee Bradley is sure to inspire and empower you.

You'll experience the remarkable story of how James—with the help of his mother, his doctor and his faith in God—triumphed over a stroke against unthinkable odds.

You'll see firsthand the innovative at-home physical, vocational and speech exercises James' mother pioneered that played a primary role in obtaining a complete recovery.

Every one of my patients that have read your book say that it
has helped them . And I am so glad that you wrote the book.

Dr. Samuel Swad.

In the end, you'll have the confidence and courage you need to keep pushing forward and to inspire the stroke victim in your life to do the same.

Within the book's stirring pages, you'll find ways to conquer your feelings of helplessness and hopelessness through the power of knowledge. This is not only a true account of tragedy to triumph, but also a caregiver's work manual that provides suggestions and exercises you can use immediately to help the stroke victim recover and help yourself remain focused and in control.

"James Lee showed that through
attitude, determination and the Grace of God,
one can overcome obstacles.
His faith is evident and shines through to others.
I was impressed by his courage and determination to
overcome the disabilities associated with his stroke."

 -- Chris Steed, Social Worker, Restorative Care Center,
Spartanburg Regional Medical Center

Hope and Relief for Caregivers of Stroke Victims

According to the National Stroke Association’s website, depression is nearly universal in stroke situations. It can be overwhelming, affecting the spirit and confidence of everyone involved—stroke victim and caregiver alike.

Through the story of James Lee Bradley, you'll find strength (along with a little humor) as you follow his caregivers (including his mother, father and other family members) and their attempts to rehabilitate James against all odds.

"... the most motivating read in a long time."

-- Louise Taylor, wife of stroke victim

James' Story

In 1959, physicians gave James Lee Bradley's parents little hope for his future. James had sustained extensive injuries to his head and body as a result of racing (and crashing) his 1950 coupe. It left him in a coma for 31 days. This was followed by stroke, paralysis and multiple losses of bodily functions. Despite it all, James was determined to take control of his own destiny and to live a full life again.

Elvis Was My Speech Therapist

There were no specialists to assist stroke victims and their families with recovery in 1959. So, with his mother providing physical and vocational therapy and Elvis records serving as speech therapy, James progressed gradually—sometimes with grace, sometimes with rage and frustration. The exercises created by his family, using only objects found around the house, were truly revolutionary for their time. They took James from lying on his back—unable to speak or move—to getting married, having kids, and building and retiring from a 28-year career as a highly-skilled machine operator.

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James will share what worked for him including:

  • Five simple but highly effective exercises for restoring mobility and strength in hands using an ordinary rubber band.

  • The amazing improvements in dexterity that come from playing with pegboards.

  • How a rubber ball can build coordination and strength in the fingers.

  • Hand-to-eye coordination exercises using children's marbles.

  • The power of a paddleball toy for increasing wrist mobility and coordination.

  • How tennis balls are great for building strength even if you don't play tennis.

  • Leg and knee strengthening exercises that require no special equipment.

  • How ordinary playing cards can hold the key to finger, hand and forearm recovery.
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In addition, you'll receive 10 personal bits of advice that only someone who has suffered and recovered from a stroke can give. Use them to increase your own understanding of what your stroke victim is going through or pass them onto your stroke survivor to help him/her recover.

Add to that the six most important nutritional suggestions a stroke victim should follow, and you have an inspiring book that details simple strategies to regain physical strength and relearn speaking and mental skills.

Almost everyone knows someone affected by stroke. Over 700,000 Americans suffer strokes every year. That means a stroke occurs about every 45 seconds.* "Elvis Was My Speech Therapist" will show you and your loved ones that there is hope—for the patient and the caregiver. You can both overcome the crippling effects of a stroke.

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*Source: American Stroke Association’s website

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